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Pediatric cum Asthma & Allergy clinic for Adults & Children

Nan’s Clinic is a renowned pediatric cum asthma allergy clinic on Bannerghatta Road, Bangalore. The clinic offers various services like growth & developmental assessment, allergic rhinitis and asthma treatment ( for both adults and children)  treatment of child hood illnesses, vaccinations and new born care. The clinic has an experienced pediatrician who is adept in handling children and provides personalized care in a child-friendly environment which your child would love to visit . The clinic is situated in lush green surroundings, easily approachable with ample parking .

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The clinic has received a 5 star rating based on 144 patient stories, reflecting the high quality of care provided by the clinic's experienced Pediatrician and support staff. The reviews on Practo and google can be viewed and speaks for itself.

Experienced Pediatrician

Dr. Nancy Austine who is an ex chief medical officer from central armed police forces has more than 34 years of experience to her credit. She has completed her MBBS degree ,MD in Pediatrics and Diploma in Allergy and Asthma from renowned institutes making her one of the most qualified pediatrician and Allergy and Asthma specialist in the region.

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Dr. Nancy Austine and her team create a warm and welcoming environment for children and their parents. They are committed to providing personalized care, tailoring treatment plans to suit each child’s individual needs.

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Nan’s Clinic offers a wide range of services to address various health concerns and conditions in children. These services include development assessment, bronchial asthma treatment, allergy testing and treatment, viral fever and tonsillitis treatment,health checkups for pediatric patients, new born care, and dietary advice for kids.

Parents can be confident that their children are in good hands at Nan’s Clinic, where the staff is committed to providing compassionate and personalized care. The clinic is also known for its child-friendly atmosphere, making it a comfortable and welcoming place for children of all ages. Overall, Nan’s Clinic is an excellent choice for parents looking for high-quality pediatric care in Bangalore.

Dr. Nancy Austine

MBBS, MD Pediatrics, Diploma in Allergy and Asthma

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Experienced pediatrician who can be trusted to treat your little one as her own

We Cure with Minimum Medicines

We aim to cure illnesses in children using the minimum necessary medications to ensure the safest and most effective treatment.

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At Nans Clinic, We are Providing expert care to help ensure a child's healthy development and growth.

Adequate time for all queries

We ensures that adequate time is given to address all queries of her patients, with her expertise in Pediatrics, Allergy, and Asthma.

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New Born Care

Babies will mostly have a trouble free new born period if they are given only breast milk . Breast milk will protect them from not only infections but the baby and mother will get numerous benefits. Every mother can exclusively breast feed her new born with out any difficulty given the right advice early . So DO NOT DELAY in seeking the correct advise regarding breast feeding as well as about proper newborn care .

Developmental assessment

Early intervention is important in cases of disorders like developmental delay, autism for the child to achieve their full potential . So it is very important that these disorders are recognised and addressed early .

Diet For Kids

Balanced diet with diverse nutrients is crucial for kids growth, development, and overall health. Encourage healthy eating habits early on in life

Health Checkup

Pediatric health checkup ensures the overall well-being of children, including growth and development assessment, immunization.


Prevention is always better than cure . Effective and safe vaccines are available against many serious illnesses like diphtheria, tetanus, whooping cough , polio , measles etc . Get timely vaccinations done for your little one . Vaccinations in the clinic are done with prior appointments.

Allergy Treatment for adults and children

Do you suffer from symptoms like running nose , sneezing , cough , wheezing etc . Get expert opinion about your allergy symptoms. Find out the cause by allergy testing if required . Keep the allergic symptoms under control with the correct treatment so that they don’t progress to more severe symptoms . Numerous patients which includes both children as well as adults have benefited from the meticulously monitored treatment.

Bronchial Asthma Treatment

Asthma is a chronic condition which should be kept under control for adequate growth of lungs in children and proper lung function in adults . Get effective control of symptoms through meticulous management by a doctor who has been specially trained in the treatment of asthma

Allergy Testing

Identifying allergens through skin prick test or blood tests will help to manage symptoms and avoid potential allergic reactions.

We Love to See You Happy

Trust us to be your partner in your child’s health and well-being

Happy Stories

Creating Vibrant Smiles for Healthy Lifestyles!
One of the best child specialist I ever met. She maintains the child's treatment history, so we need not tell her about the past. Prescribes less medicines and never asks for unnecessary tests to be done. One more important thing is she is reachable and approachable for any queries. Dr Nancy provides video consultation in case we can not make it to clinic.
Sumana Bhat
We went to visit Dr.Nancy for my husband for allergic and chronic asthama issues. He is able to control it within 1 month of prescribed medication. Especially allergic completed controlled in one month even after stoped using medication.. Definitely good option to visit here instead of visiting big hospitals..
Nandini Kannan
We went to visit Dr.Nancy for my husband for allergic and chronic asthama issues. He is able to control it within 1 month of prescribed medication. Especially allergic completed controlled in one month even after stoped using medication.. Definitely good option to visit here instead of visiting big hospitals..
Ramya Gangadi
Visited Dr Nancy for my daughter's vaccination..Very happy with the service provided by her. Well maintained and safe place to take babies during this pandemic. Would highly recommend her for kids vaccinations.
I consulted the doctor for my wife's allergic rhinitis. The doctor was very polite, humble and meticulous in diagnosis. She spent sufficient time during the visit and provided enough and clear instructions. Also prescribed minimal medicines. Just after couple of days, my wife is feeling much better. Thank you doctor!!
Abhijit Kumar Gunjan

Tele consultations

Can be as effective as physical consultations in experienced hands as diagnosis is mostly based on taking a detailed history. Make use of tele consultations so as to get early treatment, avoid travel and exposure to the hospital environment. It can be followed by physical consultation if required. Get effective treatment in the comfort of your home by booking for video consultation on Docon.

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